An Introduction to Jivago Matsuoka

Jivago Matsuoka: You won’t believe this. A major US insurance company CFO position was open. We didn’t have a contract with these guys. We contacted HR, they shut it down they didn’t want to work with us.

So what did we do? We called the line manager himself, we called him directly from Singapore. He flew in the next day, we knew who was gonna be in town. We booked the meeting with him. Next thing you know we showed up in a meeting with two of our best candidates for the CFO position. Two hours later he called in HR and set up the next step for the final interview.

My name is Jivago Matsuoka I have been in recruitment for over 15 years in Tokyo and over the next six-episode I’m hoping that you’ll be able to learn some of the techniques that we’re gonna show you so that you can gain greater control over the recruitment process and give better customer service to your clients and candidates

We are delighted to have Jivago Matsuoka join our Recruitment Masterclass series. Jivago has buckets full of advice that will be able to help any recruiter.

Jivago Matsuoka is also making an appearance on our other show, The 120 Second Recruitment Podcast so be sure to look out for that!

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